July 14, 2010

A Garden Update

This is my garden after my friend Anita helped me plant my seedlings. I added wood chips thinking it would to keep the weeds at bay. Nice eh?

This was my garden yesterday as I took the rototiller through it to break up the massive amounts of weeds. I also found out that wood chips are NOT good for a vegetable garden because they suck the nitrogen from the ground as they decompose. Oh and that the supersonic farm weeds just laugh any attempt to be smothered. I'll get them yet!
I can't tell you how much of a workout controlling that machine was. I felt like wonder woman. One for the strength and two because I was wearing a skirt. Yes I'm always in a skirt. They are cooler and it makes peeing in the field easier. I'm just kidding. No I'm not. Yes I'm wearing rubber boots that fill with foot sweat. You'll know why in my next post.

And this is the result!!!! No that is not mulch between the rows. That's the bits of weeds I crushed up. I'm wondering how futile it is to leave them there since the roots of those weeds are lying there with them. Taunting me.
Let's see...I see potatoes,lettuce, carrots,peppers,corn,broccoli, and basil...

Yes that is ALL basil. I think next to salt it may be the only spice I use. Yes really. I take my basil very seriously and would not joke about these things. Seriously.

Ah Sweet Basil. FINALLY I have a successful garden. Well sort of. The wood chip thing doesn't count. Harvesting what I plant and painstakingly taking care of it day after day is so satisfying.
It is kind of like watching your kids finally share their fishy crackers after spending hours on character training, or eating chicken from your own backyard. Oh....that reminds me. Tomorrow I'll give you a chicken update.
I know..3 posts in a row! It's been a LONG time since I've done that. Wanna know why??
Because my life has finally slowed down a little bit and I'm finally feeling back to my old self again. It's good to be back. At least for now.

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Carey said...

Your garden looks great. My garden is being over taken by weeds, and the veggies are growing slowly..my soil is lacking nutrients I think).
Im so happy to hear you are feeling like yourself again. It makes a world of difference doesnt it?