July 13, 2010

Capturing Moments

I like it when I'm taking a moment to rest my feet and my camera happens to be next to me. I like it when looking at my children and what they are up to makes me laugh. I would like these days to last forever. I suppose in my heart and my memories they always will. I don't have a memory of Lara's first steps. So these ones I soak up with every part of my being.

I love this picture for its simplicity because sharing of ones fishy crackers is anything but.

This one is my favorite. 1) because it shows my goofy son holding MY checkers box because TODAY he decided it MUST go with him everywhere. 2) Because Audrey was chewing on paper as usual while trying to pull down the table cloth. 3) Because I can see peyton's tractor in the background and it is 'parked' after HE rigged the vacuum head up to it and was pretending to rake hay with it. That's it. A moment in time Captured by my camera but mainly in my heart.

1 comment:

Dad said...

Memories like this last forever in your heart.
I still remember your first steps