July 15, 2010

Thrift Stores Solve Problems

I love thrift stores. I can do therapeutic shopping and not feeling guilty in the end. How can you be in a bad mood after buying next years winter jacket for 10$?

Shopping at these stores solves a few problems. It is the ultimate in budget (next to free), AND it is ENVIRONMENTAL! Need new bowls? check Goodwill first. I bought a set of 8 for 2$. The key is to pop in every once in a while. You have to be patient as well. Have an idea of what you are looking for or would like to find in the next year or so...when you find it, it is SO satisfying.

I have one rule...If I see it and automatically say OH I LOVE it...then I buy it. The items are unique so I HAVE to buy when I see it, and if I have to hym and haw then I'll get it home and regret my purchase.

This is how I find cute skirts like this one...
And when you pay only 1$ for a skirt it makes it easier to wear rubber boots with them and clean out a chicken coop. I could not imagine doing that with a 50$ dress.

I've been looking for material for Lara because she decided she would like to make a quilt. I thought I would be thrifty and find a bunch of retro sheets for her. Unfortunately I'm not finding enough variety and may have to go to the local fabric store and buy scrap fabric (really should have gone there first) instead of being cheap.

My time has not been wasted however as I found THIS! O.K so it is a Queen size bed Cover, but I REALLY love it on my table.

It's so retro and happy. Adam thinks it is just AWFUL and GAWDY. What do you think? Tell me your real opinion. It won't hurt my feelings. I like it. I think it is one of those things you either love or hate. Kind of like when you go house hunting and you look at the decorations and think 'What ARE they THINKING??'

Anyway, take the poll on the sidebar for fun.
Oh! and speaking of domestic retro flowery type stuff....My Anne of GreenGables flowers are blooming!! Thanks Sara!!


desperatelyseekingsuzin.blogspot.com said...

There really is nothing like yard sales/thrift stores. We adore them in our home. Seamus looks at every little thing over and over again, just to choose the very best ARCHIE comic (circa 1981) that he wants to read next. And I love all the dishes. However I don't have the amazing space that you have and have no way of displaying all the greatness I find-what point is having it if you can't show it off.

LOVE LOVE the "tablecloth"

Kaitlin said...

True - second hand stores/yard sales/flea markets are all AMAZING places to shop! I agree with everything you posted - nothing like finding a unique and amazing item for real cheap! So many of my great home decor items are second hand and people always comment on how lovely they are! Super cute skirt by the way!!! I think your table cloth looks super in your dining room - it is fresh, bright, cheery and super summery - but that's just my opinion and really...who am I?!? ;)

The Kerr Family said...

I'm so happy they weren't weeds! I'll have to stop in and see them for myself soon :)

anitaandrews said...

I raised all 7 kids on Goodwill stuff, Value Village stuff, and yardsale stuff. Fun as well as economical. And I love your table cloth.