July 11, 2010

July so Far

July is in full swing here in Ontario and that means HUMIDITY and HEAT WAVE!!
We survived the usual 4 days of EXTREME. That means sweating while sitting and feeling as though you could EAT the air. Now that we made it through I can handle anything! 30C feels MILD compared to 40C I tell y'a. And no we don't have air conditioning.

Now the heat is lifting I am able to peel my sweaty body off the vinyl and get some needed work done. Yesterday I managed to weed my garden (those that know me know how the weeds LAUGH at me on a daily basis) and pick a ton of Black Cap Raspberries growing on our property.
The chickens are growing, the basil is abundant and I am happy once again to have outdoor chores to do.
I ALMOST channeled my inner Amish and weeded my garden at 5am. I said ALMOST.

So how am I filling my days?
Running? Baking? Cleaning? Cooking? Actually I don't think I'm doing ANY of those ;)

Nope. I've pretty much been living at my moms house and doing this.....

Which is VERY different from last year when I was doing THIS....

HAPPY JULY. This week I will return to the provincial park with friends,send my children off to day camp and continue to enjoy the humidity free summer....after I feed the chickens,clean the coop and weed the garden that taunts me.

What are YOU up to??


Andrea said...

getting ready to come see you!

Kirsten said...

What a difference!!! That made me smile. :)
You look FAAABulous. :)