June 23, 2010

Things that make ME happy

The following is NOT a paid advertisement and in fact I copied it from an e-mail sent to me from the company. I posted it specifically for my friend SUZIN.... I also love this site and wanted to share with you the kids of things I love.

From a family homestead in northern Vermont comes this fantastic collection of
wooden toys and decor for your home. Everything is made from natural wood bark
and finished simply with a food grade beeswax finish.

We especially love the rustic birch hooks, perfect for hanging aprons, pajamas,
play clothing, brooms and much more. These come in various sizes and you can
find them all when you click here. The branch walking blocks and play cups and
saucers would be a unique and fun addition to any child's toy box. It's hard to
choose a favorite from this lovely and functional collection!

The icing on the cake? Everything is priced from an affordable $8 - $22.
See the entire collection here.


desperatelyseekingsuzin.blogspot.com said...

Oh my I am loving that-in a somewhat of a dangerous way!!!!

Thank you thank you for that link-Gary-well, not so much. He isn't quite as thankful as I think he is realizing we are going to be surrounded by LOTS of birch.....

Ingram said...

These wooden toys look so much fun, I've always loved working with wood and have made a few little toy cars for my nephews and cousins. I love your blog and dream of one day living the life you do, but it's hard coming from London, England!

I know you don't endorse products but I thought you may like to take a look at this website www.woodentoygallery.co.uk, they have a lovely range of non toxic wooden toys, I hope you like them! Thanks for the post!