June 25, 2010

I'm Just a Simple Girl

I like simple things. I like to hang out and chat and I like for my kids to just play in the woods and use their imaginations.

I like natural things. I like natural toys, natural food, and most of all being able to take the time to enjoy the earth God gave us.

So when my mom offered to take me and my gang on a boat ride to an island this week for breakfast I was thrilled. How fun.

It was so simple. Drive to dock. Get on boat. Get off boat. Eat.

Play in water, find zebra muscles, fall in water, pee on a tree(peyton not me)
As a side note, I feel sorry for almost giving the other mom a heart attack as she watched my child play in the water. Peyton fell over and was soaked head to toe....he was splashing about and hopping from rock to rock. It was sooooo scary. Especially the part when his chest touched the foot deep water and it took me an entire 2 seconds before I helped him stand up. I guess I should have put a life jacket on him as he played on the beach in case the high tide whisked him away or a giant fish came and pulled him out to sea. I think next year I will even bring a helmet in case he knocks his head on a rock. Thank you for reminding me that kids should not play in water or discover on their own how to be careful with their footing on a slippery rock.

Simple. Thanks mom. It made my day to just hang out with you.
After that Lara and I went strawberry picking (and I made jam today!), and that evening we went to a friends for dinner.
Things are looking up. I'm still busy but I'm managing to enjoy my life a little more. I'm able to find joy in the every day again.


happygeek said...

Imagine that other mom to be your MIL and welcome to my world. I cannot imagine going through my life that fearfully.

LaughingLady said...

Good to hear you're finding your way back to your old self!! And what a wonderful way to spend the day. (well, minus the water mishap part!!) Sounds like beautiful, peaceful, simple joys. The way life in summer should be!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was such a simple thing but I got so much pleasure from watching you and the children enjoy themselves. That is what it is all about. Love you!

Your Mom

Erin said...

hey what strawberry jam recipe did you use?? we've been picking and need to jar some.