May 17, 2010

Random pics on a Monday

Today is Chore Monday. We clean, bake muffins and hang out. That's kind of what we do EVERY DAY, but today we do less formal school, more chores and I try REALLY hard to enjoy my life. After all, Monday comes 52 times in a year so I might as well enjoy it right?? Why complain about the inevitable. I find taking random pictures throughout the day helps with finding Joy in the 'mundane'.

Here are my favorite pictures from our day as well as some from this past weekend....

Erin Stole my camera and took this shot. There is 7years and almost 4 months between these two girls but it is like watching Lara as a baby all over again. It's kind of creepy. Good..but creepy.
A little boy in our house turned 3 this past week and is now the proud owner of his very own blue tractor. He spent the ENTIRE day on it.

This is what happens when the 'big boy' does not nap. He passes out at 530pm while a little dancer awaits her ride to class. I guess all that tractor 'work' tuckered him out. He is practicing to be a true farmer with the ability to fall asleep anywhere!

Me. In an apron after transferring 72 tomato seedlings into bigger containers. I'm hoping to sell some of them AND some of the extra tomatoes AND make a lot of sauce. I love aprons ;)
I have to keep reminding myself NOT to do this sort of stuff on a Monday AFTER I've spent the entire morning cleaning the house. I ALWAYS do too much on Mondays. Oh well. Less to do the rest of the week? Or just DIFFERENT stuff to do now??

Little man again...proud as punch about the blue tractor. He also got a Thomas DVD, Thomas cutlery, some metal tractors, and a cool yellow Bulldozer he is very happy about. I just love his posture here.

Blowing out the candles on his 3D train cake I made him. Honestly that is what he wanted for his birthday and I love how 'simple' it was to make him feel special on his big day. This was Saturday.

Back to today (Monday). We decided to eat supper in the living room picnic style. It was a great way to end the day. Roasted chicken from our backyard,organic carrots raw, and roasted potatoes from someones garden, and water from our well. simple.

Here is the 72 tomato plants on my front step. I think I've learned my lesson. Next year I will trust that all the seeds will sprout and only plant 10. Of course if I sell them and make money I may just have to expand my business ;) Needs tomatoes??

Picture of the Day...Miss Audrey at 7 months. She will be 8 months at the end of the week. THIS is VERY emotional for me. I'll explain in another post. Those that know me well know why....sigh.

A picture of me and my four babies my wonderful husband took on Sunday before church. I love that the girls are holding flowers and my little man a shovel. I am still in shock that I have four children. This after being told by doctors that I may never have one. God is so Good.
That's it for my Monday. (And a few pictures from the weekend). I could not possibly have a busier week than I had last week and I'm happy for the 'break'. All I have to do this week is laundry, cooking,cleaning, dance,soccer, track,running, chickens, weeding, planting, library and groceries. So nice to have a break ;) Hahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha


Kaitlin Andrews said...

Hi Alyson, I've just started checking into your blog and I do enjoy it! I was really touched by your personal testomony!!! Very moving - God is so good isn't He! My name is Kaitlin Andrews and I live in Brockville with my husband and two daughters - though you and I are very different people we have some great simularities. I too am blessed to have children after the doctors said we might not be able too - so I understand you there! I came to God right around the time I met my husband - he was a Christian and my testomony is familular to yours. Anyways I don't usually post comments but I am and rambling too - oh yes I think you know my site - I'm the person God has placed behind Home Maker Design, I saw that you had one of our articles posted - so I hope you read and enjoy the magazine. Thanks and God bless you!

desperatelyseekingsuzin said...

I love your posts with lots of pictures with glimpses into the day.. so much fun and I love to see how the kids are growing. I am simply amazed at Audrey and Lara. That is a great pic=Erin may have a calling there. Peyton somehow looks like he is 10 all of a sudden. So so grown up-sigh!!!

Yes, I know the 8 month mark is hard-I will be praying for you.

Langlay said...

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