May 21, 2010

A peek at my Heart Today

My heart beats for the mommy Robin as she interacts with her babies that just left the nest. Heart wrenching and suspenseful.

I'm grateful for rubber boots to protect my feet from the scurrying rat I meet every morning in the chicken coop.

I'm scared that I'm going to mess up my kids and be a bad influence on them.

I am overwhelmed at the responsibility I have for these 4 precious lives.

I'm excited to see my Anne of Green Gable wildflowers sprouting!

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be teaching my love of running to my home school group AND the local private school.

I'm surprised my baby girl who is going to be 8 months on Saturday is walking while pushing a walker!!

I feel an ache in my heart when I watch her as I remember how I missed these moments and months with Lara.

I am soaking in the moments I DO have with my children and don't want to ever take them for granted.

I am missing my husband.

I feel hope and a sense of calm for our future together as we seek direction from God for our lives.

I am sad that some friendships are coming to an end, but I'm grateful for the amazing friends that are still in my life and the support they offer me.

I am happy it is sunny today.

I am nervous and feel sick to my stomach at the thought of visiting the local school today.

I am tired but awake thanks to coffee ;)

I am not going to worry because my life is in God's hands, he will provide us with our NEEDS the way He sees fit, and there is no sense in worrying about that we have no control over.

How are YOU today??


Anonymous said...

A peek at what my heart feels about you:
*you are a kind, giving person
*you try to do the best you can with what you know, but still seek more knowledge to improve
*you love- usually unconditionally- even if it's hard
*you inspire others to do better, work harder, love bigger
You are my friend, and I love you.

Kaitlin said...

Today I am thanking God for all the little blessings He has for me! Much like the things you mentioned. Learing to rely on Him for my needs and having Him direct such needs! God Bless your day Alyson!

The Kerr Family said...

I am much the same as you today. I feel like life is going by a little too quickly right now and I would like a slo-mo feature. I'm trying to be the healthiest wife/mom and am still on my journey dealing with that. I'm starting to feel anxious about the move and everything that needs to happen in the next 4+ weeks to make it happen. And I miss my husband too.

Stacey said...

Today I hope and pray that I will be more positive than negative, and that I won't mess up my kids.

Anita said...

<3 ... I am at a turning point in my life ... too long to list all my 'new' directions.. but life is good. And I have to daily remind myself that God is our provider. He wants more for us than I even think I deserve. Life is hard, happy, sad, exciting... but in the end it is definately worth all going through. Hugs to you today.. ☺☺

desperatelyseekingsuzin said...

The fact that a glimpse at your heart shows a deep commitment and love for your children-well, that's evidence you won't mess them up!!!!

Dad said...

Sounds like you are doing just fine. Just keep doing what your doing and follow your heart.
Sounds like you think of soccer like I thought of figure skating but it was time I could spend with you and the coffee and popcorn was good.

Looks like I might be living closer to you soon.