May 24, 2010

Never Say Never...A May 24 Reflection

Sunset from my sun porch

Victoria Day weekend, Or May 2-4 as we Canadians call it (referring to the fact that most of us pick up a 24 pack of beer to enjoy with friends) is one of my FAVORITE weekends. It marks the completion of school for the year and the beginning of a more relaxed and fun schedule. This year we still have some school to complete, and we are way behind on house maintenance since my hubby is gone most of the week on a course. BUT

We just met the people from the city that will be coming out to garden share with me, the lawn is being cut, my seedlings are almost ready to be planted, calves are being born and tagged, the new chickens are growing and our grass seed is finally sprouting. I've even managed to clean out the chicken coop and dust my chickens for mites. Trust me you don't want me to explain this one!!

There IS progress being made around here. It is slow, but happening none the less. We have a ton of projects that need attention still. The deck and sun porch need staining, the llama needs shearing, the fence needs to be finished, the chicken coop needs to be prepared for my meat hens in a few weeks, the gardens need planting, and we MUST get rid of the RATS that have infected my coops...Yes you read that right. ;(

All of this on top of the regular house stuff, the four kids, homeschooling stuff and track stuff. If you come over please don't mention that I have yet to clean my windows or suck the flies out of the light fixtures or clean my oven....If you do I will hand you a rag and put you to work.

Living on this farm and having my husband work full time outside of the house is quite difficult. We feel that BIG CHANGES are going to be made around here. We are praying for God to show us what he wants for our lives and both of us are feeling a pull towards farming combined with a group home for at risk youth....No I'm not kidding.

If you watch the movie FOOD INC, which I recommend to EVERYONE, you will understand what I mean when I say grass fed cattle and chickens making for a fabulous symbiotic relationship, this is what we are leaning towards. We feel God tugging at both of our hearts to use the land he gave us for HIS purposes. We feel we are going to be farming within 5 years and we are VERY excited about it.

And to think that when I married this man almost 9 years ago I turned to him and said " Just so you know I am NEVER moving to your farm"


Kaitlin said...

Wow Alyson, that is all such exciting changes - I'm praying God's continual guidence for you all! I laughed when I read your final sentence!!! Oh the things we think that God enjoys changing for us! I'm excited for you and your family!!

Anita said...

Very exciting! God has a plan for your family (as you are well aware of). The biggest lesson Jay & I learned while going through some big life changes 2 years ago was to SIT STILL.. LISTEN.. AND KNOW THAT GOD IS NEAR. It is a hard lesson to learn... but it is one that is needed (always!). I am happy for you and your family.. that God may be directing you all to a life that is really your hearts desire.. to farm full time and serve Him as well. Blessings to Adam, yourself and the kiddies.. we are exciting to watch all the marverlous) things that God is preparing you guys for. I WISH WISH WISH life wasn't sooo crazy busy with 4 kids... but it would be nice to just sit and chat.. and have adult conversations! Thank you God for brining you both in our lives. GOD IS GOOD ~ FOREVER AND IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES! (sorry for the long comment!) ☺☺