May 27, 2010

My New Egg Layers at 9 weeks

My new babies are 9 weeks old and enjoying the nice weather. They have been allowed out into their 'pasture' to explore their chickeness. That involves eating various grass, weeds and bugs. It's kind of cool to watch them suck up a worm. I love watching animals in their natural habitat.

I can't see the difference..Can YOU see the difference?
We fenced a portion of the yard for them and let the grass grow up nice and tall. Believe it or not they will eat it down after a while. Last year the meat chickens were in this 'pasture' and ate every last blade of grass!

Great picture for my friend Sarah...Two years after she asked me for a chicken picture. Better late than never??

The gateway from the inside pen to the vast expanse of grassland ;)

We just put up a wall on the north side of the pen. This will allow them to be outside but sheltered from the rain. They LOVE digging for bugs and worms in the dirt where the board was laying.

Action shot. Yes Chickens can fly. That is how they get up to the roosts at night. Gives new meaning to the saying 'flew the coop'. You would not BELIEVE the number of sayings we get from chickens. Seriously. Look it up.

Now THIS is what I don't like seeing in its natural environment. I have nobody to blame but myself for our rat problem this year. I threw a bunch of chicken poop outside on the ground to dry out and it had feed in it. Thus...Rats.
Year three having chickens and I've progressed to wanting a BB gun to shoot the varmints. I think I will get some sort of sick pleasure out of it. I think the city girl in me has officially dissapeared.

My hundred meat hens around in two weeks along with my 10 Turkeys and our new friends that will come out to Garden Share with us. Good times on the funny farm I tell ya.


Anita said...

OK Alyson.. the rat pic was gross! Sorry... yuk! I grew up on a farm.. and you can NEVER get use to those buggers!

Dad said...

Yup. There's no life like it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chicken picture - it is in fact a GREAT shot! Too bad it is almost 3 years late!!! he he he