April 28, 2010

Part of our life...Wednesday

Good day today. The snow was gone by the morning and the sun was out. The wind was deceivingly FREEZING but we managed. today was a day filled with school in the morning, play in the afternoon and out for a year end clubhouse pot lock.
I missed some great moments but managed to capture a few others. It is so hard to decide what part to show you..there are just so many!
I have to admit that all this sun is helping my moods. It REALLY helps me hold it together when things don't go as well as planned.

Anyway, it is once again 9pm and I'm just now able to sit down to post this. I'm not as tired as the other night but I think my husband needs my attention so I'll be brief.

So here you are....

My Wednesday. At least parts of it.

I LOVE this picture. My favorite of the day for sure.
Audrey baby on the swings. Baby number four to use this swing and LOVE it.

Today's special moment was definitely the swings. I love it when I have the time and the patience to just slow down and enjoy life with them.

I'm KING OF THE WORLD!!!! Sorry...Could not resist.

I never put my other kids in a playpen during the day. This now sits in my kitchen and can be moved outside easily. It has become a blessing for my wiggly into everything baby. I think SHE feels safer as well ;)
Lara was skipping and tried to get Peyton to skip with her...It did not go over very well. I like it when I capture 'real' moments ;)
I was interviewed by a reporter from a local paper about garden sharing. She took a picture of me standing in front of the most pathetic garden ever...it was windy. Really windy

We hung bird feeders this morning.
Lara in a tree while her little brother looks on with awe. Chickens destroying my front garden. Shooo!!!!

Don't worry, we still did school work today. Devotions and bookwork before other learning and playtime. This would be part of our daily rhythm that works so well for us..This would be considered breathing in time. Same as when Lara read her Little house on the Prairie series book today and we cuddled and talked...Breathing in.

THIS was the end of my day at Lara and Erin's Clubhouse pot lock night. I brought Peyton. It was chaos. It was also one of those times when I did not want to admit to the other people at the table that we were homeschoolers. These moments are rare but they do happen. If they went to school I could just blame the school for their behavior no?? ;)

All is calm now and good. Table manners 101 will begin tomorrow morning ;)
It does not matter what kind of day we have because at the end of it all I see are the above pictures. Memories etched in my mind about the life we live and it is always,always good. In my mind at the end of the day they are perfect and so is our life.
Onto Thursday.

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Erin said...

i love looking at your days in pictures. great idea.