April 28, 2010

A day in Pictures..Tuesday

For some reason it decided to snow yesterday. It was weird. The day before we spent the entire day outside! Well most of it anyway. It was a welcome change. All the inside chores were finished and so it was nice to focus on school and creativity.

Every day is different around here. I like that. I like that I have the ability to just roll with things, adapt and adjust to changes. I can't control the the weather or life for that matter so worrying or being upset about things I can't change is pointless. I find life easier that way...and happier.

We baked rice crispy squares

Accomplished a lot of school (we only do bookwork 3-4 days a week) I find the kids focus better and learn so much more! Here Lara is doing math building prisms with tooth pics and clay

Erin is finishing her book work while Peyton and meow meow look on patiently

I remember being so proud of Lara 6 years ago when she sat at the kitchen table and finished this puzzle all by herself. It was just as enjoying watching our 3rd child do the same.

Apparently Lara took a break from making prisms ;)

Homemade mac and cheese for the kids and carrots and sweet corn for Audrey....I LOVE home made no preservative food. I'm not the best cook but I'm learning. Making my own baby food was a step I'm pretty proud of....and it is so EASY!!

Lot's of indoor creativity today. I rarely hear my kids say they are bored. There is just too much to do all the time! I think the rhythm of indoor/outdoor activity daily/weekly helps.

I'm told this is the best position for watching 'Planet Earth' while Lara and I head outside for fresh air while the other two nap.

Me having an afternoon coffee while planning the next month or so of our lives in 'the book', supervising Lara making cookies all by herself.

Speaking of 'the book'. This is my homeschooling planner. I write EVERYTHING in it. This is where I record some of the stuff we do all day and write down what I would like done...things change A LOT.

I make muffins. a lot of them. It is cheaper than buying any type of 'bar' for a snack and much healthier for us. today's muffins were chocolate chip. It was snowing outside...we needed comfort ;)

The Day would not be complete without a picture of the wiggliest baby ever. I walked into her room this morning to find her standing up holding onto the rail! Time is passing too quickly..

Now onto Wednesday!!

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desperatelyseekingsuzin said...

I have eaten that homemade mac and cheese a bunch of times with you-and loved it. can you remind me how you make it. I have a recipe for something similar and it is-well, crap. I know it is silly to ask about how to make cheese sauce, but that should tell a little something about my abilities in the kitchen.

thanks for the reminders of the muffins. my kids LOVE them but I somehow fall into the trap of buying granola bars..tonight, muffins!!

By the way, I am loving this week in pictures you are doing... So nice to see the kids all growing and gives lots of ideas...