April 29, 2010

My life..Thursday

The day was once again full of LIFE. I missed pictures of Peyton and Erin's swimming lesson, school, blocks being thrown at people's heads, snacks, reading time and chicken feeding. But I think I still caught a few good moments...

Peyton watering the seedlings with me. I'm not sure why he found this so exciting.

I think he was just emotional today. This is what happens when a sister takes ONE of the blue crayons for her picture. This kid has a SERIOUS obsession with the colour blue. It's kind of weird but whatever..he's 2.

Audrey enjoying the comfort and PEACE of being left alone in the playpen. This is after having a block thrown at her head, falling down the step into the sun porch and pulling herself up in her crib and almost falling out ;)
This is 2pm. I'm teaching a learn to run course for the homeschoolers. I'm loving it. It is nice to be able to share my knowledge to a captive audience.
Lara did AMAZING. I think she is a runner. May take after her mama :)

A view of life from Audrey's perspective. Poor kid. I would be scared too. After swimming in the morning and running in the afternoon the kids deserved a little Franklin and Little Bear while Audrey sifted through some blocks.

Homemade soup stalk sitting on the stove. It will stay there overnight and be SO yummy. I will NEVER buy chicken broth again. Not if I don't have to.

Just keeping it real people....There is someone in this house 24/7. It gets messy. In fact most of my 'busyness' involves constant picking up and cleaning. It's just part of the job. My dish and cleaning Fairy quit on me last month so I'm stuck doing it myself ;)

Last Stop...Friday!!!


Danica said...

I love the picture of your kitchen as it makes me feel human. More often than not people will come into my house and comment about what's dirty or what needs cleaning. One time I said it would be nice if someone walked in and said "Wow your kids are happy, healthy and loved...you're doing a good job" rather than being critical of my housekeeping skills.

It is sad that sometimes the importance is placed on the wrong things.

Meghan said...

That's horrible that people say that when they come into your house!

I like to keep a clean house (my husband would say I am obsessive) but there just simply isn't enough time to be with my son, my husband, work and make sure my house is spotless these days.

I would rather have a house people could feel comfortable to live in!

The Kerr Family said...

I LOVE the pic of life from Audrey's perspective! When my looks 'lived in' and people come over I just think it'll make them feel better about how they live. Gotta keep it real :)