April 11, 2010

My Day Off

Today is Sunday...My 'day off'.
God told us to rest once a week and I'm doing my best to follow that.

Sunday's we go to church to worship our King. THAT is NOT WORK. Nope. THAT is easy.
Then I spend the rest of the day trying to do as little 'work' as possible. I get to ignore the dust, the chaos, the laundry and the To Do lists.

We get to go for a walk, visit friends down the road, or just chat.
I give myself permission to sit in the sun porch and read a book or even nap.
I like Sundays because for one day I get to truly relax. I get to have fun and get a break from the WORK that is being a stay at home mom. You see, since there are six of us and we spend pretty much 24-7 here, there is more chaos and mess created on a daily basis. In fact it is CONSTANT.
It is an effort to stay on top of things...a job to keep up.

I would not trade my 'job' for anything, but it is nice to have a day off ;)

The kids gets to do whatever activity they choose as long as it does not involve me driving them anywhere. They get to play with neighbors, be alone in their rooms or play whatever they want.

Because my kids are still little there is still their basic needs I need to take care of but that is the extent of it.

O.K so maybe it is just my HOUSE that gets neglected and for this ONE day, I can live with that.
Especially since tomorrow is cleaning day ;)

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