April 09, 2010

Deep Thoughts....Jack Handy Style

So If seeds contain all there is to know about what vegetable it is to become and perhaps some special nutrient, and all the different vegetables that I planted are growing from the SAME SOIL, then why not just eat the seeds and the soil??? It would be much less work ;)

I had this thought when I saw THIS today. My broccoli is sprouting and voila! Broccoli sprouts. Are these not good for me? Do these contain the same nutrients of whole big broccoli? Is it minuscule or is the nutrients/vitamins for a giant broccoli jammed into one little sprout? If not, then where is the vitamins/nutrients coming from?? The soil? Then how does broccoli suck up certain vitamins and carrots suck up others?? Can broccoli suck up beta carotene?? Or is the beta carotene gene in the seed of the carrot and grows the more soil it absorbs???

I think this is the whole 'how on earth does a human being with a whole bunch of parts that do different things come from ONE CELL that initially can only do one thing?'

I know God has the answer...Does anyone else?

I have too much time on my hands ;)

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