April 13, 2010

Now What??? A Garden Seed Update

My seeds have begun to sprout. That was the easy part. See how many broccoli sprouts have shot up in ONE LITTLE EGG HOLDER?? That is a prime example of my lack of gardening skills. You see those seeds were so tiny that I have to admit I find it hard to BELIEVE that an entire broccoli plant will grow out of ONE seed. So...I have several seeds in one pod.
But now what???
When do I thin them out? Can I transplant any and put them in their own pod?
I REALLY don't know what I'm doing here folks


LaughingLady said...

HA. I'm the wrong one to ask!!

Looks good, though! From what I can tell. You know, in my professional BLACK-thumb opinion!!

Danica said...

As hard as it is sometimes, especially with small seeds, really try and follow the instructions on the seed pack.

If you are nervous about losing your seedlings try transplanting one "pod."

Gently pull the seeding out and plant each one separately. If the seedling is 2 inches long I would bury it so only .5-.75 of an inch is above the soil. (FYI You can do this with lots of seedlings) When you bury the stalk it grows thicker and stronger (in my experience).

I will say that I am not an experienced gardener. I planted my first big garden two years ago. You really learn a lot as the year go by. A great book is Lois Holes Vegetable Favorites. It has a lot of great information and I have used it as a refresher/reference every year.

What do you all have planted?

Good Luck.

Kirsten said...

HAHAHAHAHA...I am SO the wrong person to ask. I hate bugs, ergo, gardening is quite a task for me... but I commend you on your efforts and will be glad to help you eat your broccoli. Oh, wait- wasn't there a fable about a hen, growing the wheat, making the bread...You're the hen. I just wanna eat your veggies once they're grown.