April 26, 2010

My Day in Pictures..a sneak peak.

At 6 am I turned around to see my little Audrey getting into things. So I grabbed my camera.

As I snapped the photo a little boy sat on my leg and stared at me. So I took HIS picture

Then I had an idea. That's when I decided to take pictures of what I am doing every hour ON THE HOUR all day.

Monday is 'Chore Day'. Cleaning, Laundry etc etc. I figured ALL I would get was chores. I was SO wrong. In fact, I had SO many pictures and great moments that I had to stick to my on the hour plan...with a few extras in between.

7am. Breakfast. Eggs for me. That's weird. I can't find the picture of the chickens I just took since I just came in from feeding them.
Coffee almost empty. That's what happens when you get up early. Meat taken out for tomorrows supper.

8am. My husband is about to pass Audrey off to me and go to bed. He worked nights but stayed up a little later so I could shower this morning. I love that man.

9am Devotions in the sun porch with Lara and Erin. We do this every morning whether it is a 'school day' or not. Life is just better when we start of right. Audrey is napping and buddy is....
Painting with watercolour. I normally don't leave him alone with paints but it kept him busy while we read and prayed together. He used a white towel to clean up the paint...thanks buddy.
10am Lara finished her chores likety split this morning and is already outside. Her and Peyton are picking up rocks for Adam before he seeds the lawn. This is the weeping tile we fixed last fall.

Erin was still dusting the chairs for me. I love that I don't have to bend to dust anymore ;)

The first load of laundry is hanging

11am. I am eating soup in a mug and sit with Audrey(see her cute blue cloth diapered bum??) I'm not sure who made a bigger mess, Peyton or Audrey.

12pm Warming up homemade tomato soup I made yesterday for the kids with Audrey on my hip.
Audrey having her lunch while we wait for the other kids to finish.

There they are. So quiet when they are eating ;)
Hmmm..when was this? Oh well. Fixed the boo boo
I put Audrey in her playpen and put her under the shade of the maple trees while I hung the laundry. I'm not sure why she is not wearing pants today.

Don't feed the animals ;)

3pm...The above picture...I just came in from a run. A friend of mine from my running group came over and her mom watched the kids while we ran.
Not sure why these pictures are out of order. I'm too tired to fix them right now..
2pm. Girls are helping me line the garden with the rocks we picked this morning. Yes I helped.

1pm...Stories with Erin while Peyton and Audrey sleep and Lara reads to herself.

6pm. Me doing dishes in the same outfit I ran in 3 hrs ago and my hair still in a bun from when I showered this morning. See? I can't do it all ;)

5pm, Dinner is served.

4pm. I am about to fold the mountain of laundry I just took off the line.

6pm. Feeding the chickens leftover rice. They LOVE it!!

7pm. Story time with Lara and Peyton. Erin is at dance class. We took about 40 seriously goofy pictures.

8pm. kids are in bed, Erin is about to get home from dance and the last load of laundry is off the line. I take a second to feel the sunset on my face and rest my feet. I'm exhausted.
9pm. I'm still on the computer uploading all these crazy pictures while Shaw shank Redemption is playing. Emma is here for the night and Adam is on the couch looking papers of some sort.

I'm missing a bunch of hours but I don't have the energy to go back and find them and put them in the right order.

What surprises me is what is NOT in these pictures. Like A LOT of stuff that happened throughout the day. The chores, the giggles, the moments, the LIFE. It was a great day. A long one but a GREAT one. It was FULL. Full of life....My life.

Thanks for peeking into it. NOW I need to finish the movie...night night

oh...and Audrey just woke up....sigh....


Meghan said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I thought I was busy today. You are a miracle woman!

Thanks for sharing the link to your site with me, I can't wait to spend some time reading backwards a bit :)

Ben normally does most of the day without pants as well - poor little guy can't get around as easily with them on!

Meghan (from Friday)

desperatelyseekingsuzin said...

Love it...what a fun thing to do for a day!

The Kerr Family said...

What fun idea! It was neat to get a peek at your daily life, thanks for sharing!

Some kind of Wondermom said...

I love seeing your day captured in pictures! You should check out this ABC photography challenge that Lara started. Each week she takes two photos from the list and posts it in a flikr group. Here's the link if you're interested in checking it out. http://kidsinthecapital.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/abc-challenging-the-photographer-in-me/

Kirsten said...

I love this post. Love it love it love it.