April 07, 2010

Here we go!!

Here we go. Another year another attempt at a vegetable garden. Last year I didn't even bother. I was a weee bit pregnant and weeding would have been the death of me. The year before I did not plant anything deep enough and half of my seeds died. And the first year? oh the first year....How those weeds taunted me.

This year I am determined to stay on top of things. I've planted my seeds and they are now in my sunporch. Adam and I have what...6-8 weeks now to prepare the garden for sowing?? I'll admit that I have only a tiny idea as to what I'm doing and I'm not enjoying this steep learning curve.

I want to be THAT farmhouse. The one with the giant garden. The one with all the necessary vegetables. I want to be THAT family that eats only what they grow. That grows enough of their own food to store and eat over the winter months. Oh how I WANT to be HER.

Who knows, maybe someday I will. For this year I'll be satisfied if my seeds grow. I phoned the local paper and asked them to do an article on me for Garden Sharing. The editor said it was a great idea but I'm still waiting for the phone call. I want sooo badly for someone with loads of time and knowledge to come out here and use my land. I would benefit from their knowledge and get a portion of the product as payment for use of land.

Sounds great to me, but perhaps God needs me to figure it out on my own. Perhaps I have an inner gardener waiting to emerge. Let's hope because if the weeds take over like they have in years past I think I'll move to the city next year so I no longer feel so inadequate.

.....Here we Go!!


Anita said...

I hope you have a wonderful 'fruitful' garden! Heres to fresh veggies, pickling, freezing and storing for the winter! Yay for gardens! Maybe we can swap some of our goodies once they come up! ☺

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I have the exact dreams you do for being like HER!

You have been extremely busy lately so give yourself a break. It will come along with time. And each year you will learn more and more.

desperatelyseekingsuzin.blogspot.com said...

What an awesome idea of calling the paper-amazing!!!

Oh,I live in the city and I also want to be THAT girl and be THAT family....and feels tons inadequate...The main difference of course is that you are actually doing something about it and trying and I am just admiring still from the sidelines..