April 06, 2010

Enjoying the Moment

Today was a busy day. It involved the usual. A little boy who refused to keep his clothes on, a teething baby, 2 girls that giggle too much when they are doing schoolwork, laundry, playing, reading library books for an hour longer just because we felt like it, 8000 trips to the kitchen for snacks, baths, and planting seeds in egg cartons.

You know...the usual ;) It was a great day. My house was chaotic and messier then I like but today I could handle the chaos. I like the days when I find it easy and enjoyable to embrace our life. I like the days when I don't stress out about what my house looks like or the fact that my son was standing on the driveway in his rain boots and nothing else waving to the neighbors. I like when I have the time to take pictures of my little baby girl as she figures out that if she pushes her feet down and raises her bum in the air she can reach something in front of her.

Yes. Today was a good day. Here is a moment that I took the time to enjoy because all too soon these moments will be no longer. In a flash they will be gone and have families of their own. In a flash my house will be clean and I won't care because I'll miss these days.

I hope you too can find the time to enjoy your life as it is today.


LaughingLady said...

"Yeah, GOT IT!" Awesome photo sequence, Alyson! (but sadly, no pictures of the little rubber-boot-clad nudist...)


And what a beautiful post. I absolutely LOVE those days, but they seem so few and far between for some reason. I'm all too often far more concerned about my agenda than just enjoying life and deciding to do what's best for my girls. But then I read posts like this and I'm inspired to try a little harder to do exactly what you talk about ~ cherishing the fleeting moments.

Must figure out a way to work this into my weekly routine! If it figures prominently on my agenda, maybe I'll be a little more picky about making sure it happens!!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

love the pictures...it would have taken me for ever to get the sequence. glad you were able to catch that moment and enjoy it!