March 12, 2010

Random Post about nothing really

I can't tell you why I have not been writing lately. What I can tell you is that I'm busy. Busy doing the same things I've always done but taking more time to sit back and enjoy them. More time to watch Little Bear on T.V with my son. More time to push my kids on the swings.

Well that and I've been looking up properties for sale. I LOVE houses and house plans. I love to dream and decorate in my head. In fact, if I've been to your house I've decorated it for you (in my head of course), and taken what you have done and applied it to my house.

I'm thinking big today...Like Purchasing a ready made house in the country with a barn. For no other reason that because I feel like it. Feel like dreaming about it that is.

I love that about my life.

I get to do a lot of things just because I feel like it, and talk about nothing on my blog because I feel like doing that to ;)

Oh !!!! I almost FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!!!

I have a little girl here that wants to show you something.........

She was a LITTLE excited. That is one thing about this middle child of mine. It is SOOO hard to know what she is thinking and feeling ;)


Dad said...

Never lose your dreams and fantasies.
The only thing with a fantasy is if it comes true then you have to find a new one.

AMIT said...
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Nancy said...

Congrats to the little sweetheart!