March 13, 2010

Spring Is Springing!!

Spring is here!!! At least this week it is. I know it from the amount of mud caked on my kitchen floor and the smells in the air. Ah yes and the number of flies on my windows. Country life. LOVE IT ;)
I have something to admit this year. The flies don't bother me anymore. Even as I type this one just bounced off my forehead and landed on the desk. I could not care less. I could smack it because believe it or not I can also touch them now without barfing, but why bother. Then I would feel obligated to get a tissue to wipe up the guts. That seems like more effort than I'm willing to exert right now.
I also have to admit that I only care about the flies when people come over. I'm not sure what I am embarrassed more about...the amount of flies or the fact that I don't care. O.K maybe I'm a little embarrassed that I've let the flies win.
Well I do care...sort of. I care enough to vacuum them up every couple of days and to spray the windows when they get out of control. I'll even change the bug tape on the windows when it is full (ewwwww) I don't care enough to follow them around obsessively with the central vac. really....I have better things to do thank you.

What has happened to me???

I digress...Where was I. Ah yes. Spring. It is here and I love it.

I love that my sunporch windows are open

I love the sight of the mating birds on the tree out front. Oh umm not them mating...just the sight of them together...

This is me. Happy in my sunporch wishing I were a spring Chicken. A joke only my Dad will get.

I love that we have had a million visitors and some that steal my camera for pictures like this one that I just found.

And I REALLY love these two faces. The one on the left I just want to eat for dessert.

That's it. Yes this was another random post. I have a lot to say about a lot of things but for some reason I just can't put anything remotely intelligent together. I think it has something to do with the fact that the cute one on the left is almost 6 months old and still has yet to sleep longer than 4 hrs at night. Oh well. Take what you can get right? One of these days I'll sleep more and really WOW you all with my insight.
Until then,


Emma said...

yes those feet do look familiar ; )

AMIT said...
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Nancy said...

No worries about the flies. Country people know all about them and the others - well - they'll learn. . . !!

Nancy said...

Love the pic of the 2 woodpeckers - well done!

Nancy said...

You already do wow me with your insight!