March 09, 2010

Have you Thanked an Officer Today?

A Police Officer in the same outfit as my husband was shot and killed doing a routine call the other day. It was so routine. So normal. He stopped a vehicle and minutes later he was lying on the side of the road.

I feel so badly for his family. For his boys and wife he left behind. The shock of not being able to welcome him home after kissing him goodbye in the morning. Did they even kiss goodbye?

I am thankful and grateful for that man. That he had chosen a profession that put himself between me and that mans riffle. For the fact that DAILY he left home knowing there was a chance he will not return.

Some people wonder what all the hoopla is about when an officer is dead. They get angry that there is not such a hoopla when THEIR family member passes on. Why the roads are not shut down and there is not a parade of sorts.

Want to know why?

Because these men and women ARE special. They are NOT like you and me. They CHOOSE to protect YOU...someone they DON'T EVEN KNOW. They stop the guy from coming to YOUR door or hurting YOUR children. They intervene in the domestic fight, they stop the speeder who just may loose control someday, the texting kid that is not paying attention and might hit you and YOUR kids. They stop the crazy man with the riffle....and they don't give up. They CARE. They care about you and protecting YOUR family from harm.

Yes they ARE special.

Do I worry about my husband every day? No. Worrying is pointless. Instead I adore him for the man that he is, I kiss him EVERY TIME we part and tell him I love him EVERY TIME we hang up the phone. I enjoy loving him because someday he just may not come home. I don't expect it nor do I ever want to experience that 'knock' on the door. So instead I pray for him. I place him in the Lord's hands knowing he is where he is called to be.

So thank you Mr. Vu Pham. We are praying for your family. And thank you to my husband who I admire for doing what YOU do.


happygeek said...

Um hmmm and amen.
When i first heard about the shooting all I could think about was Adam. Glad he was able to come home to you. So sad Vu was not.

Erin said...

yes thank you Adam and thank you Mr. Vu Pham and all the other officers whose names i don't know.

Nancy said...

Beautifully put.