November 26, 2009

Rockn' the Tights

Today I rocked the tights. You know the ones. The ones that when I drove around Queen's University the other day I saw on ALL the girls. They were wearing the tightest of black tights with those UGG/EMU boots.
You know....The black tights WE wore in 1992/93. The ones with our Dr.Marten's and our plaid grunge shirts. The kind of shirt Alicia Silverstone ROCKED in that Aerosmith video. You know the one...Crying? or was it Amazing? Whatever. Between her and Nirvana we ALL wore plaid....and those black tights.

This morning I found my black tights. Yes the SAME ones purchased from Eddy Bauer in 1993 and I put them on. And I ROCKED them. And if I didn't? My husband did not tell me nor would he dare. I would much rather continue my day thinking I still have the body I had when I was younger and that I could blend in and be confused for one of 'them' ;)

After all...why tell the crazy lady she looks crazy if SHE thinks she looks perfectly fine? Right ???

Why ruin my MOJO?? All I know is that after having my fourth child it is nice to feel 'HIP' again.

Yes I just said Hip......O.K so maybe I'm still old after all . Oh well. I still don't care.


Cathy said...

LOL Alyson!

I love your posts! They make me laugh and feel good.

Glad you felt good today!

ValleyGirl said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures please! I refuse to believe it if there are no pictures!!!!


I wore my leggings out way back when they were still popular. I definitely remember them. And the thigh-length Miami Mice sweatshirt I used to wear them with....

Wait, that was Grade 9 ~ which would have been 1986. Hard to believe they were stylish for so long!!! Oh no, in '86 they were "stirrup pants" not tights. Ah well, stirrup pants/leggings/tights, whatever you wanna call 'em, they're all just a fashion nightmare now!!!

But I still demand pictures.

Dad said...

Ya, where is the picture. I needed a good laugh today.