November 22, 2009

Glad I'm a source of amusement

To set the scene....

Lara is in the bathroom washing off some paintbrushes and I'm in the other room checking my e-mail.

Lara "Hey mom, Come see what I did!"

Me " What did you do??"

Lara " I painted the cabinets!"

Me....Waiting a few seconds before responding/getting up and screaming....

Lara laughing to herself "I'm just kidding"

My husband from across the room as he sees the look on my face ..... " Bahahahahahahhahahha"

Me...." Not funny"


happygeek said...

Gotta love it when they are old enough to pick on your weaknesses eh?

Dad said...

Kids learn early what buttons to push.
Your to easy. Alway were