November 29, 2009

Rockn' the Tights Part Deux...

The above is a terrible picture as it was the ONLY shot my husband managed to get before the batteries in the camera DIED. How frustrating. EVERYTIME he takes the camera out the batteries die. Oh well. At least we got this shot.
This is Lara who is seven and my eldest daughter. We ran the Santa Shuffle (1 Mile) together yesterday. It was AMAZING!!! I am so proud of her. It was great to share something I love doing with her, and she did SO well!!! We ran through the city streets just before the Santa Claus parade began. It was a little weird having parade fans forced to watch us. It also felt a little strange when we were the only ones around. I don't think I could be famous. I really don't enjoy being stared at.
Regardless it was a ROCKN' good time and although today I wore running tights and not my fabulous circa 1990's tights (see previous post), I still ROCKED THEM don't you think? On second thought..Don't answer that ;)

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