November 30, 2009

Stop! He's Stealing my Groceries!!!

I had a WONDERFUL experience at the Grocery store today. I tried a new store because it gives Air Miles. I'm not one for change and switching Grocery stores is scary. I like to how to do a major shop in an hour and where to find things.
This grocery store was unlike the others in town. If you can believe it they sell JUST GROCERIES!!!
That's right. No pharmacy, toys, shampoos, books or Tires. Just GROCERIES. A novel idea I know ;)

It was actually quite refreshing. It felt so quaint and cute. Almost European market like. My biggest surprise came when a young kid with braces grabbed my green shopping containers. I was about to yell Stop Thief when he started to fill them! Imagine my shock when I realized he was being paid to help me! Oh how nice. How sad that I was THAT shocked to have someone helping me and talking to me in a store. How sad that our society has become so impersonal.
This was a much better experience than the day I was 8 months pregnant with a screaming 2 year old who refused to sit in a cart load of groceries and NOBODY offered to help let alone look at me.

I admit that sometimes it is convenient to be able to pick up shampoo, diapers, clothes, and some household items the same time as my groceries. I don't like to make a lot of trips with 4 kids in tow. BUT....I enjoyed my shopping experience at the GROCERY store so much. Picking up my bread along side a new set of tires and using the self serve checkout just is not the same.


Emma said...

which one is this??

happygeek said...

My favorite grocery store they bag your groceries, take them to the car (and won't accept tips) load your car, and they have a free child-minding service for kids 3 and up. PLUS, they pay you for bringing re-usable bags. Rather than charging you for plastic.
It really is my happy place.