November 20, 2009

The most wonderful time of the Year

Although I sometimes miss the warm summer days when I get to sit outside in the sunshine and watch the kids play, FALL is my FAVORITE time of year.

This year November is turning out to be such a blessing. The air is still warm and the days are sunny. We have managed to trek outside several times and enjoy the last bits of summer. The days are short and we now eat supper by candlelight. What a treat. Life is slowing down and pyjamas are staying on longer. Harvest soup and homemade bread is filling our tummy's and we are taking the time to play cards and chat.
Yes I love the fall. There are still days when the kids can play hide and go seek all day outside, and there are chilly days when we can get cozy under the blankets. I like the balance of it.

I also love the fact that I can hide this postpartum body under thick sweaters ;)

What do you like about Fall?


ValleyGirl said...

This fall has been wonderful ~ well, September and November, anyway! October stunk. Generally, I like early fall, when the leaves are turning, the evenings and mornings are crisp, but the sun is still warm during the day. Mostly, I'm gearing up for hibernation mode now!

Dad said...

No bugs.

Nancy said...

Those lovely rare warm November days when you get to say a more leisurely good-bye to summer. . .

Country Wife said...

I will never get tired of watching my kids jump in a huge pile of leaves. not matter how old they get, or how old I get.
And the look of wonder on my 2 year old daughters face when the leaves started to change color....priceless.