November 16, 2009

8 Weeks of no sleep is making me stupid

Last night as I prepared to head to bed I told my husband that I am surprised at just how awake I am during the day and how well I can function.
If not getting up with Audrey 2-3 times a night I have been ALSO been getting up for other reasons. A two year old thinking 3am is a good time to get up being one of them.

I have surprisingly felt like I've had a lot of energy during the day BUT have been noticing a SERIOUS brain malfunction. ( yes more than usual).... I figured it is the Alzheimer's kicking in. No I'm not kidding. I have been extremely forgetful and while driving yesterday there was more than one occasion where I had to apologize to my passenger and hit the brakes a little harder.

When I told my husband yesterday how surprised I am at how well I am functioning he looked at me like I had three heads!! He kindly mentioned how exhausted I am and that I'm not possibly able to function completely since I have not slept through the night in 8 weeks, and have been up over 6 times a night for the past 4-5 days or so.
Normally I would be a little insulted at him mentioning that I am not functioning on a high level, but to hear it last night was a relief....

He is right. Soooo right. I'm tired. Really tired and the dangerous part is that I don't see it. I am not yawning or physically exhausted. That would be easy. Nope. I just forget that I'm driving every once in a while.

Also explains why putting together my thoughts for this blog lately takes me 5times longer than it ever did and even then I just can't seem to say what I am trying to say.


I am going to just take pictures for a while. And try to nap.


Country Wife said...

I feel your pain. 3 1/2 week old baby girl, 5 year old boy, 2 1/2 year old girl. averaging 3 hours of sleep a night btn feedings and the other 2 waking up when baby cries. also recovering from 3rd C section, and have a fever off and on the last week. Hubby took temperature at 102 at the worst part yesterday! Guess who is sleeping right now? Hubby. older son at school, baby asleep, so just me and little girl. and coffee. And I was just thinking how God truly made women unique to the task of child care. My hubbie is not doing well with the lack of sleep. he is one grumpy bear. but somehow, despite all my body has been through, and how little sleep it is getting --- it just keeps going, and fighting. It is quite miraculous I think. It may not seem a big deal to others, but I think it is just further proof of how wonderfully designed we are by our Maker. He not only gave me this precious gift, but he gave me all the tools required to see to its' needs. and when I think I can't go another minute....there is something left deep down to see me through. some men may be able to do the same, but I really think it is something special God gave mommies. Hang in there!

Nancy said...

And here I have been complaining about not getting much sleep in the last 2 nights! Gonna stop complaining!

momofthecrazies said...

Hope you can start getting some more sleep!