October 11, 2009

Rebelling against Myself

The sun came out today for a brief moment this afternoon so we decided to peel our tired selves off the couch and head out for a nice autumn family walk. I am so glad we did. We decided to head to Tim Horton's, grab a coffee and some Tim Bits and head out.
It was just what we needed as a family. It was late when we arrived home. Supper was served over an hour after we normally serve it and the kids went to bed later than normal. It was great.
Funny how it felt so nice to defy our own routine. It felt really...really good. And because the sun had gone down before supper was served, the girls got to eat supper by candle light.

It was special and I'm so glad we took the time to step out of our box. Out of the routine that has been making me feel like I'm living in a self made prison.

O.K maybe I'm going a little far with that comment, but regardless I feel better....much much better.


happygeek said...

The routine is important, it keeps the household running smoothy, but breaking the routine every so often is equally important as it creates memories.

momofthecrazies said...

Thanks for the reminder. I think I'm too set in my routines!

Nancy said...

Love the candlelight idea!

Erin said...

yes routines have their good and bad sides.
love the meal by candlelight. i think i might try that with the kids too.