October 13, 2009

Fall Photo Sessions

These are some pictures from our fall family photo session.

And this is baby Audrey 3 weeks into her life. I ALMOST see a smile here!

We are plugging along here. Celebrating Erin's 5th birthday and Thanksgiving. I took a much needed break today and met a friend for coffee. I think I'm hitting that 3 week post partum tired and miserable state. I am trying to avoid making any decisions and just thanking God that Adam is here to help me.


Stam House said...

Love your family pictures!!! And congrats on the new addition :-)

Bess said...

How cute! Love the pics with the colorful fall leaves...be sure you are taking care of yourself!!!

Nancy said...

Best - thanks again -

Love -

happygeek said...

Miss Audrey is sure the last word in cute.
I love your family photos.

Cathy said...

Great photos! Your family is lovely!