October 03, 2009

Friends Food and Good Conversation

Yesterday was the Fall Harvest Party hosted by a local Homeschooling lady. The girls and I were pretty excited. This is a picture of them making butternut squash soup for it.

That is what I love about homeschooling. The days can change depending on what is going on and how we are all feeling. I like breaking from the hum drum routine of every day life. I like that we can take the time to cook a lovely soup in the comforts of our home on a rainy day. I love that we can head to someones home, have a chat and let the kids play for a day. I guess it is kinda like playgroups revisited or continued. I loved my coffee/chat group when my kids were little. It was such a blessing to be able to sit with other stay at home moms, have adult conversation and allow our little ones the opportunity to play with others. I suppose the Harvest party was the same but with school age children on a weekday.

I like that. I really like that.

This is my eldest daughters centerpiece. It was a struggle to allow her not to let me 'help her' make something, ummm nice? She was proud of it and I guess that is the point. It WAS difficult to stand back and bite my tongue though ;)

It was also pretty difficult to stand back and watch my two daughters cling to each other and be kind of anti social at the party. Most of the kids were boys and older so I think they just felt out of their element. I suppose it WAS a new thing for them (older boys that is, not social situations), and maybe they were just waiting for the OTHER kids to come over and ask them to join them. Oh well. I can relate. I'm an outgoing person but get very nervous in new situations and with people I don't know....So I should not be too hard on them. Homeschooling does not mean my kids are perfect and I would never expect them to be. Life is about learning and they will get it. After all...their mommy is not perfect either.


momofthecrazies said...

Good for you for standing back and biting your tongue. I have a REALLY hard time doing that!

AnnG said...

Homeschooling is a learning experience for all of us -- even mommy!! Good for you! Besides the centerpiece is truly your daughter's now. Not something that your daughter made with you help!

Nancy said...

Great blog!

Great that the girls had each other to relate to at the party.