October 14, 2009

I like Big Butts...Cloth Diaper Butts that is ;)

I use cloth diapers. In fact over the years I have accumulated many many different kinds. When I get a chance I'll take more pictures and review some of my favorite kinds for you. Just for fun of course.

This is today's pick....

This inner is for babies up to 10 lbs or so is an organic non bleached cotton. The name of them are Happy Heinies. It is super comfortable for baby and even has a snap to fold the diaper over the healing belly button. This one requires a cover and does NOT need a liner. I prefer snaps over Velcro for a snugger fit so when you wash them the Velcro does not stick to EVERYTHING!! I like the ones without covers for the first bit because you need to change them more often. Sometimes the All in Ones wear out faster the more you wash them, so this is my choice for the beginning.

This is my favorite cover made by a lady on ETSY.COM (my new favorite place to shop). Is is 100%wool, quite soft and not itchy, VERY breathable, and SUPER absorbent. It Also has a zillion snaps and will fit her from 5-25pounds!!

I also like the fact that I don't have to wash it all the time. If it gets a little wet I just air it out and wash it after a week or so of use. If poop gets on it I do wash it right away...obviously.

These are the reason why I cloth diaper and reasons why I think you should too....

1) Disposable diapers have only been around since the 70's, are made of plastic and tons of chemicals that touch your babies skin and actually CAUSE diaper rash. They are also a Huge cost to the environment in both production AND disposal.
2) Cloth diapers breath SO much better and again...your baby will rarely get a diaper rash.
3) They are EXTREMELY cost effective. You can buy them new or used, and re sell them when you are finished with them.
4) Although the initial start up cost is a big chunk of change, you SAVE money over the course of 2-3 years of diaper use.
5) Washing them is not as bad as you might think. You simply rinse the pee ones. The poop part is a little more tricky but if you are breastfeeding the poop is no big deal and frankly you get used to it. If it bothers you just keep a pair of rubber gloves handy for scraping poop into the toilet. All you do is put them in a pile/bin and when you have a full load every two days just start the wash. Let's be honest...you are doing laundry anyway. I also use cloth wipes and throw them in with the diapers. My wipes solution?? water, tea tree oil, and baby soap!!.
6) You can get whatever kind suits your budget and need/want. There are a TON of websites on-line that will help you out. Canadian made as well. Check out my sidebar for some companies that I have used. There are also companies that drop off diapers to you and pick up your dirty ones! They cost a little more but if cleaning them is an issue there IS a solution.
7) When I'm out and about and know I won't be able to change my baby for a while I use disposable. And when I do use cloth I have a cute Wet bag that I also purchased from ETSY.com that I use. It is cute AND stylish.
8) Your baby will look super cute with a big fat padded bum ;)
So go ahead...Cloth diaper. I dare you ;)


Dad said...

Your ass was in paper diapers.
na na na boo boo


Stacey said...

My cloth diapers are all ready to go... waiting for baby!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the links for the shops you got the diaper cover and wetbags from on Etsy?

Alyson said...

they are mamabearbabywear for the diaper covers. I also bought breast pads and reusable wipes from her.

mommyearth sent me the wetbag.

Nancy said...

Hooray for cloth diapers! And wool covers. So utterly sensible and comfy.