August 14, 2009

Sunporch Details

The painting is complete! At least on the inside anyway. My fabulous husband painted the ceiling, the trim and the wainscoting for me. The fan is up, the blinds are hung, and the furniture is ORDERED!!! It has taken me a while to figure out what chairs to put in. I want the porch to be cozy but functional. I would like to be able to entertain four people with a tray of food, but would also like my guests to be able to sit back relax and watch the trains go by in the valley.

I think I've found the right combination, but you will just have to wait until the furniture arrives to see it.

The outside railing still has to go in. Apparently the company sent the wrong combination of poles or something. So that needs to be completed, the steps stained (not till spring), and a load of rocks to smooth out the driveway needs to arrive.

Our electrician hooked up the lights both inside and out, including an outlet for outside Christmas lights.

See the white curtain hidden behind the door? I'm VERY pleased with them. They scrunch up nice and small so the view is not blocked, but allows for privacy over the doors if needed.

White trim....and white blackout roller shades that will block out the sun or allow our guests to sleep in the dark.

Not the BEST picture of the ceiling, but it is a faux tin ceiling...white of course. The fan blades are wicker that we painted white. I'm thinking the rest of the fan may get spray painted white later on but so far I don't hate it so I'm leaving it alone. Besides, the black adds a little accent colour along with the curtain rod, black door knob, and black candle sticks.

The windows are special E-windows so they are tinted just slightly to keep out the UV rays but allow maximum light through. Even so, today the shades and curtain are coming in handy as the sun rotates around the porch and the temperature is over 30C . I just open them up depending on what side the sun is streaming in.

So that is it for now.

Hope you like.

Feel free to look up My Sunporch at the side bar to see the previous pictures.

Oh...I almost forgot. This is what the sunporch looks like today. Subject to change daily of course as I constantly rearrange the furniture and change things.


ValleyGirl said...

It's BEAUTIFUL, Alyson ~ you did such an amazing job!! I'd have such a hard time wanting to spend time anywhere ELSE in my house if I had one like it!!

Anita said...

Looks great Alyson! So glad you have your retreat now ;) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it :)

Carey said...

Looks great! Very pretty!

Nancy said...

Wow! It's beautiful! You are amazing!

momofthecrazies said...

Your sunporch is beautiful. You guys did a great job with it!