August 17, 2009

When Kids Play Nicely

It is full throttle August heat here in Ontario. Hot, Humid and Sticky. The farmers are happy and the people with air conditioners and pools can't complain. Me on the other hand. Huge and VERY pregnant me...I'm just sooooo grateful I know people with air conditioners and pools that love me and don't mind me showing up unannounced and throwing myself into their pool.

For a few days the house stayed cooler than the outside so we hibernated as much as possible. The kids played so well all day which was just a pleasure. In fact they played SO well that I had time to sit back and watch them, drink iced coffee and snap a few pictures.

So...Here is a peek into our day.
Lara and Erin's Restaurant. Notice the perfect spelling on the magnadoodle. If you can't read it, it says "Soup and sandwich is the special today"

Little people town surrounded by railroad and everything set up by two girls for their little brother as a surprise for when he woke up.

Playing Lego and NOT fighting over the pieces. In underwear in front of the fan of course.

And this is what happens when they start to get a little bored of other toys. They find a willing buddy to drag around the house.

Of course this was YESTERDAY.... TODAY the trains became the source of a fight where someone got bit on the head. OH well. I'll take em' when I get em' :)

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