August 11, 2009

Summer Rain Fell on Me Today

I ran in the rain today with the girls. It was a warm summer soaked down to your undies in 10 minute downpour.
It felt amazing. Not just because it offered a break from the hot humid temperature, but because for 10 minutes I allowed myself to run and giggle with my girls.
It was freeing.
It was exhilarating.
It was uninhibited freedom.
It was fun.

It was needed. Oh was it ever needed.

We stopped and thanked God for the rain, and I quietly thanked God for that moment. He allows me the chance to laugh with my girls all the time, but today I took advantage of the opportunity.

I REALLY need to do that more often.


Nancy said...

very nice. Wish I had run in the rain more often with my kids. . .

Erin said...

how fun

ValleyGirl said...

I LOVE those kinds of moments! Too bad I don't have my eyes open to recognize them more often.

momofthecrazies said...

That's so sweet.

The Kerr Family said...

Those are the moments that summer memories are made of. We've been running/dancing/splashing in the rain for the past 2 nights (I got smart last night & changed them into bathing suits when it started). Fun, fun, fun!

Sara said...

I recently let Ayla go to town in a giant puddle on our road. It was soooo much fun to watch & laugh with her; it was muddy, but the look on her face was pure joy! By the end of it she was soaked through in muddy water, but it was totally worth it

Anonymous said...

Sounds like two friends I used to know...who spent many a thunderstorm jumping in puddles like lunatics. :)
Love ya.