July 07, 2009

Why I love my Husband.

There are MANY reasons why I'm in love with my HUSBAND.
Here are Two:

1) This morning he was up bright and early. He got my son out of his crib,fed him breakfast and headed out the door with him to see his parents. Why? To visit his parents AND allow ME TO SLEEP IN. Nice.

2) While in the Ukraine, he searched through a bunch of table clothes at a local market and picked out the PERFECT one for me. He knows how much I LOVE handcrafted and unique things. He knows what will go together and the PERFECT colours. He KNOWS ME. He is thoughtful and thought of ME and by doing that he makes me feel special. I LOVE that he knows me so well. I love that he is thoughtful, caring, and can coordinate BETTER than me ;)

Thanks Hunny. For coming home and for being AMAZING...

p.s. I am the WORST gift giver EVER...so I'm also glad he is forgiving ;)


Carey said...

Very pretty.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Yay he is home!

ValleyGirl said...

Ooooo, he did GOOD!! That's a beautiful cloth! Did you ever actually say why he went to the Ukraine? I remember reading something about "saving the world," but did you ever give us the details? Glad to hear he's back home again.

Stephanie said...

Wow, what a great guy :-)