July 04, 2009

Meat Chickens

Here are the meat chickens. All 100 or so of them. They have changed from yellow to white feathers.
This is Erin 4 showing Emma 19 how to pick them up. Emma thought she was in a Twilight Zone episode. No not the Robert Patterson kind...the old school freaky show kind....O.K I just showed my age.

Anyhow. Here they are. In another week or two they will get to roam in the outdoor cage and then eventually onto the grass. It is too cold at night to let them out just yet and so far the coop is still big enough for all of them.

looks and smells sooooo much nicer with fresh wood chips laid down.


Nancy said...

Your little girl is adorable.

The chickens look a bit like small turkeys. . . .

Emma said...

800 pound horse...im fine. small things that peck and squeak... i become a scared child.

momofthecrazies said...

How do you have time and energy for everything you do? You're a good woman!!