July 23, 2009

When Mom's Away

This is what happens when Mom is upstairs for 3 hrs cleaning and leaves the kids (who are playing wonderfully) to just stay away, not kill each other and get their own snacks. You can't see the rest of the living room in this picture or the CRUMBS all over the furniture and carpet :)
It's a good thing I left the downstairs cleaning for today or I would have wanted to throw myself out a window. Oh it's also a good thing that they picked up the mess themselves afterwards leaving all the crumbs for me to clean today of course.
The upstairs is clean now.
I'm half way there....half way there...


B said...

Quiet kids = something's wrong!

Erin said...

i do the same thing! one level at a time. thankfully you don't have the attic to do yet. phew.