July 22, 2009

Living the Simple Life??

MOST of the time I like living in the country. Some days however I think we should pack up and buy a newer, smaller house with a beautifully tree'd lot. A simpler house with tons of storage and practicality.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, have 3 kids that constantly play and touch everything, NO storage what so ever, we live in a GIANT old home on a farm that requires a TON of dusting and maintenance inside and out. My husband works 3 days on and 2 days off leaving him little time to complete tiny projects that continue to build (forget about the big ones!)

Some days I just become sooo frustrated that I can't keep up. I barely have enough energy to simply pick up all the toys and take care of the animals let alone get ANYTHING else that needs to be done on the list. I have a friend coming with kids this weekend, and although I know she will be very understanding and loving, I am frustrated that the spare room won't be ready for her!
We rarely get overnight guests here, and I don't want to present my home well. I want to be proud of it. Comfortable in it. NOT feel like I have to explain that this still needs to be done as well as that.
Actually it is the Bugs and dirt NOT the dust that I still need to tackle and that is just NOT acceptable. Finding something growing in my sink the other day was just the last straw!!!!

Sigh...Good thing I know she really won't care and that it is just MY wants and needs that are not being met

Good things for great friends that also won't mind helping me install some blinds !!


Anonymous said...

Oh I sooo get the anxiety and the frustration when the house is out of order.. We have just finished Seamus and Mahone's room-Mahone in the single bed now and bye-bye crib-and getting Seamus out of OUR bed after years-was casue for some re-decorating/bribing Seamus with Pirate bedding and chaulkboard paint!!! That is fun and the finished product is great-but the upset house in every room, with dust and paint rags and little boys whose hands were in the very black chaulkboard paint and having LOTS of fun with it---left a mom feeling slightly less than content!!! I cannot even imagine having a large home like you guys!! Our 900 square feet pale in comparison!!

At least you have the comfort in knowing that Lara won't really talk about her "dirty" home, but will forever talk about her mom going to camp with her!!! That's a small price to pay, even when right now it doesn't feel like it..

We were going to come by for a quick visit today, but guess we should wait on that!!!Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


Stephanie said...

I have enough trouble keeping my newer, smaller house organized and clean, I can't imagine dealing with a gigantic farm house. But I am sure that there are a lot of good things about living there, I guess that's what you have to concentrate on!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm in like Flynn. Hook a sistah up. While I know that you won't be "helping" me during my solo weekend with kids (something that you know well but is a rarity around here) I am so grateful for simple things like just your company. Plus, we are all used to the cottage where the mouse poop is rampant- can't be that bad, right?
I love you and your family and your big ol' country home. Bring it.