July 08, 2009

Vacations for Renewal.

Loving having my husband back home. For those of you who did not know, he was in the Ukraine on a Missions trip.

As much as I missed him TERRIBLY, I love that I missed him.
I think that is the key to a good marriage. To be reminded every once in a while why you love your partner so much. Why your life would completely SUCK without them.

I love that we are doing so well after 8 years of marriage. I love that we become better and better friends. I love that he missed me too. I love that we both feel happy and renewed.

Same goes for Lara's vacation in Vacouver as well I think. Man I'm glad that kid is back here with us. I think I like her MORE now ;)

Hmmm... Vacation from the kids, vacation from each other, and Vacation together Once a year. Is that the key to a happy marriage and family? That makes for a short book to write ;)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sometimes we have to go off line and recharge our batteries.


B said...

Send the kids again! It was fun to be forced into doing things other than work and renos.

Nancy said...

Nice blog. Heart-warming. . .