July 25, 2009

Great Visits

One of my oldest and dearest friends came to stay with me this weekend. It was soooo nice to have her and her two cute kids over to visit. We chatted, watched a girly movie and stayed up waaaaaaaaay to late.(Btw, why do the kids ALWAYS get up in the middle of the night when you go to bed at 12am??)

It was a good visit (as I knew it would be), but WOW am I tired!!!! not because of her. Actually our kids kept each other entertained most of the time, she helped keep the house nice and tidy AND she helped me tackle the blinds in the sunporch.
I'm just tired in general but that just seems to be the norm these days. I'm SO glad she was able to handle my crankiness. I was in a good mood...really I was! I am just a little...cranky? ornery? hot? fat? pregnant? whatever. Doesn't matter. Fact is that she is a fabulous friend who can handle me and love me anyway ;)

Thanks for being my friend....Hey isn't that a theme song for a t.v show??

Here are a few pictures of her visit that SHE took for me.

Here we are on the sunporch steps watching our kids play nicely. This is the ONLY pic of 20 or so where I did not look tired and miserable. I think after this I laid down for two hours on the day bed and tried not to move...or think...or breathe really. Have I mentioned how tired I am? or how much I appreciated her help?

Here we are eating watermelon. My goal was to eat it covertly but they swarmed me. Little vulchers. Cute little vulchers though. See? I look more tired here...and oh my goodness my boobs are NOT that saggy. I'm slouching! really...I am. Move on now.

Kids on the play structure...pretty self explanatory

Kirsten was the first person to stay the night in the sunporch. The electricity has yet to be hooked up so we used this old oil lamp. It was so nice and calm and the wind coming in the windows was amazing!!!!

This kids watching a movie and eating popcorn.

You guessed it. Kirsten and I. Friends since half of grade 8. Yes Half. It is a long story so don't bother asking...I'm not telling you so there.


Anonymous said...

I also had a total blast. I usually dread my Travis-free weekends, but I must admit, I feel great and not at all burdened since we helped each other out. :)
And yes, you were cranky...but I still love you. :) And it didn't detract from the fun so that was fine. :)

Nancy said...

Aw - such a nice blog. I like your tangerine dress. Great pic of you. Also - beautiful pic of the sunroom. . . .