July 28, 2009

Simple Days are Good Days.

I had the BEST day at the park today. It was a mommy moment that made me happy because MY ideals about what a park play date should be ACTUALLY happened.

I met some friends at the park, sat my butt in a chair, had a much needed conversation about homeschooling and kept an eye on my kids while they played with a BUNCH of kids.

The cool part was there were quite a lot of kids at the park, but most if not all parents just kept an eye on their kids and let them play by themselves!!! This, as opposed to hovering like overprotective parents or getting involved in the game they created!
It was exactly what I like to see. A bunch of kids who initially did not know each other start a spontaneous game and include everyone, while all the parents just STAYED OUT OF IT!!

The other day you would think some of the parents were ready to call child services on me for GASP...allowing my child to climb UP the slide, but today it was left up to the kids to have fun and just figure stuff out on their own. (granted all the kids were playing well)

It was dreamy. There was no whining or complaining (except for when our water supply ran out), and they just played. There was no need to get up and scold my kids for not sharing or attitude or anything like that.

It was just....just nice.

Now we are home. I am resting till 2pm when I will go out to feed the animals and now I have plenty more energy left in me to take the kids to my moms pool, feed them supper and then take them to soccer.

Yay for good days. Simple Good Days.


Nancy said...

Aww - nice. Well said.

Anonymous said...

I met one of "those" mommies at the park. You know the ones- who insist on manhandling their kids while they climb the structure, who talk CONSTANTLY to them "oh yes, Justin, good job! Let's go down the slide now- weeeee! Okay, now what would you like to do? Climb? Okay, let's go ...oh no Justin, that's not nice, you let that little girl go first, yes, that's right..."
I could go on...and on...and on. Ridiculous. So that's nice that your friends are the same. Very cool. :)