June 30, 2009

Super Wife

Yesterday I shopped till I dropped in IKEA and met a great friend for lunch.
It was a good day but I over did it.

Especially when I spent 5 hours putting together a Day Bed in the heat.

My Sun porch is almost finished. Just some painting and minor details....HOWEVER I know what I'm going to do for all of it, I just have to get the painting done and BUY the minor details.

I'll take some pictures today to show you the progress. I'm sore and tired today so I'm pretty useless to do anything else.

Yesterday would have been one of those times when my husband would have said to me.... "Hunny, do you have to do that NOW?"
And where I would have replied "yes",
and he would have said "Fine but but I'm tired so don't expect me to help you"
and I would have said " That's fine, I don't need your help"
and on step 5 of assembly of the IKEA bed (actually more like when the entire HEAVY box slid out of the back of the van and I had to take all the pieces out while propping the box on my foot ) I would have started to cry and said "huuuunnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeey, can you help me??"
and he would have rolled his eyes and being the AMAZING HUSBAND HE IS would have helped me.
Then I would have said " oh Hunny I love you, you are the best!! "
and he would have again rolled his eyes and said " y'a y'a"

But I did it!!! So there ;)


Anita said...

ha ha I'm laughing at your post...your 'conversation' between you and Adam sounds like Jay & I!!! Too funny! Glad you got more done for your sunporch...sounds like it's coming along.. I will be expecting my coffee visit in the mail!! And... when we are not pregnant a wine party invite!! Have a great restful day!

ValleyGirl said...

Oooo, I'm looking forward to pictures!! I hope you'll relax a little more today though ~ that kind of work is tough, and you don't want to be out of commission by the time the baby comes!!