June 28, 2009

Cousin Love

Here is a picture of Lara in Vancouver with her cousin. She is having a really good time and being spoiled ROTTEN!! Not that I'm complaining. This picture was sent to me yesterday. How fun that they are wearing the same outfit.
Too bad they are so far away from us. I only have one brother and so these are the only cousins my kids will have.
I would love it if every two years we could get together, but with a large family (us with 6, and them with 5) that becomes very costly.
Oh well. I guess for now we will have to settle with Grandma taking one of them with her on her visits, or meeting half way at my Dad's in Saskatchewan or something.

Well...I suppose I should head out and feed the animals and get my two remaining babies ready for church. I am hesitant to leave the house in case Adam calls from the Ukraine but I suppose I can't wait by the phone all day. We have not spoken now since last Tuesday and it is killing me!

I really miss my family. How boring doing this all by myself. I'm a chatty person and I don't have anyone to talk about my day with. Boring Boring Boring.


Andrea said...

she is being spoiled, but appropriately :)
we want her to have things from her auntie and uncle and cousins...so she can remember us and know that we love her :)
And all the kids are taken care of, no worries ;)
Enjoy the quiet~
the kids love having here here. they were holding hands in the mall. so sweet.
I agree, its too bad we are so far.

Erin said...

who knew the matching thing would be so adorable! what a nice gift to give Lara.

Nancy said...

Aw - such a sweet picture!

Enjoy your quiet time - soon everyone will be back. . .

Nancy said...

btw - love your blogs from when I was away. Sunporch looks great! Can't wait to see the furniture!