June 30, 2009

My Sun Porch Retreat..So Far

O.K. As requested here is the updated sun porch pictures. This is the view from the driveway. We still need to paint/stain the Board and Batten sides. We are going to go with a light stone grey. Also, the railings and landscaping need to be completed.

Front view. This one gives you a better idea of the landscaping that needs to be done. Also the painting of the steps and adding the lights. The railing will be black iron.

Other side. Again a little grass may go a long way. Notice the shovel in the garden? That is today's attempt at the weeds taking over my perennials.
This is the view of the sun porch from the inside of the house. We still need a ceiling fan, to paint the 'tin' ceiling, paint the trim and walls ect.

This is my new day bed. I love love love it. The three drawers are huge and will hold games and blankets, and the bed pulls out into a double! We are going to buy black out roller blinds so this space can be used as an extra spare room.
I CAN'T WAIT to cuddle on it with the new baby and fall asleep with the windows open. I'm thinking there will be HOURS of cuddle time with all the kids, stories and conversations here.
This is what the other side looks like when I'm sitting on the couch. It is NOT finished yet. I will be taking away one of the chairs, adding a comfy one with an ottoman perhaps, and a magazine rack.

A side view of the bed so far. Pillows/throw to be changed in future if I want.

This is what I see when I'm lying on the couch/bed. Ahhhhhhhhhh feel the breeze.

Me....relaxing while the kids play right outside in the sandbox and mosquito's ;)

The door shut to the house so I can block out whatever noise I wish to......double Ahhhhhhh.

My new mat that will go with the iron railings and lights....and the light stone grey colour that will be the steps. I'm thinking on either side of the steps will be some sort of flowering bush as well.
If that cat scratches at my screen one more time I'll.....I'll......Let her in. But I'll be angry!

That's it for now. Love it? Hate it? suggestions??? Just don't tell me to lower the windows....not helpful.


ValleyGirl said...

Oooo, I LOVE it! It looks so cool and peaceful!! You did a great job!

momofthecrazies said...

Alyson, I LOVE your new sun porch! I'm so happy for you and wish I could be sitting with you, drinking tea, while our kids play.

Emma said...

it looks amazing! fab job miss decorator! p.s loving the white shelves lol

Nancy said...

Love it! Beautiful!

Ingrid said...

Look sooo cozy!! neat in the winter to sit and watch the snow fall..

Kirsten said...

I am SO coming up soon to chill out in the sunporch with you. :)