May 22, 2009

Flooring for my Sunporch

Here is the progress on the Sun porch. The insulation is going in, the electrical is complete, and the the final decisions are being made.

We are in the middle of picking out the flooring. We have Finally settled on the outside for the hardest part. The floor. And Oh my is it ever a decision!!!

We have to weigh the difference in cost between hard wood, ceramic, laminate, vinyl ect. BUT
the MOST important part for me, is the ENVIRONMENTAL cost of whatever we choose.

After MUCH research and consideration....I have settled on a really good quality laminate wood floor. It gives us the look we want, the price we can afford, made here in North America, and has very low to zero yucky chemical content in it. So.... the expensive laminate wood it is. We COULD do the cheaper laminate....but oh the chemicals!!!!


This is the door from the sun porch to the Main House. The grey is the stone between them. The floor of the house is a light knots...kinda modern. I hate it, but we are not about to redo the entire house.

These are the four choices we have narrowed down to. I want the knotted 'old' look, since our home was built in 1864. The inside of the sun porch will be mostly windows and a tiny bit of wainscoting below them. The inside wall however will remain to be the RED BRICK that is our house. (See Top Picture)

This is the darker, knotted wide plant wood. Not sure how I like it next to the red brick. but Not bad.
This is the lighter knotted wood. I kinda like it. But would it be too light??

This is the brand new look out today. I would not have picked it, but with the grey stones under our windows, the grey foundation, and the grayish board and batten siding we are picking for our sun porch, it just may be kinda cool.....but a risk.

This stuff is smaller planks, knotted, and the right colour. It is much harder to see the individual boards and is 2$ cheaper a square foot than the others. Same chemical content however, so makes me happy.



Anita said...

WOW Look at all that process from the last time I saw it! Great work guys (ok.. Adam! :})

I like flooring #1, but can't say 100% because as you say I would have to see it w/the brick wall beside it.

#2 - I don't like it... I think it's the grains.. just looks funny

#3 - MOST DEFINATELY don't like, hummm the colour the finish... it's grey!? It doesn't look like 'wood' flooring! :{ sorry just my opinion

#4 - YES YES YES, I like it! I like the colour, I like the grain & design, and I think it looks old but new...

Just my thoughs! :) But you asked! :)

Erin said...

#4 looks like the winner to me too!!

Anonymous said...

I think I would go for the last one-probably shows the least for traffic on it or the first one..the others are too light..

Nancy said...

The last one! (no.4) - Hands down. Glad you are going with wood (warmer than ceramic).

Anonymous said...

I would go with the last one.


momofthecrazies said...

I don't think I'll weigh in as I'm really not the decorating/color picking type of girl (in case you've never noticed!!) But the sun porch is looking supter!

Country Wife said...

I do the like the gray color...but like you say, it is a risk. But the last one does seem to flow better with the wood in the house.
But...did you get to see any bamboo flooring? I don't know the cost, but my brother (big environmentalist - Tees4Trees) has been telling us to do this when we take the carpet out of our bedroom.