May 23, 2009

Robert Remembers he is a Cow

So...Robert the calf I've raised for almost 6 months now is down the road with the other Bovine.
I suppose it was time.
He has been chained to his hut for a month now since the Llama's are afraid of him, and he was just not happy.
A not so happy calf that tries to push over a pregnant lady is not such a good idea.
So....Adam walked him down 2 days ago.
At first I think he was pretty scared, so we left in the calf pen until he felt safe. So far the other cows leave him alone. Except for Princess the runt of the litter. Man, she is NOT happy there is another calf around.
Here he is. I feel kinda bad, because when we walk by the electric fence he moos and follows us. Sorry little fella.
He also now knows that running through the fence is not such a good idea....ouch!!

Here he is next to Daisy...another CALF!!! O.k seriously....He looks so malnourished next to the beef calves. It is kind of like looking at your 2 year old when the new baby arrives. They go from being babies to GIANTS!!
Poor little fella. I hope you do o.k.


Anonymous said...

He will be just fine.
Get the collar off him before he gets it hung up on something.


Nancy said...

Aw - cute - thank you - such a nice blog -