April 25, 2009

SunPorch Update

Sun porch is down now, and has left the brick looking a little ugly. Just for now until we get er' all fixed up.
It is sooo good to know people.
My hubby's uncle is a skilled Mason and is helping us out on his day off.

Some of the bricks are pretty loose, and so we want to make sure everything is good and solid before the new sun porch goes up.

Can you see the double brick wall? That is how they built houses back in the 1800's. I'm amazed at the LACK of mortar between the bricks on the inside. Oh well. It has held together for over a 100 years so it must not be too unstable.
Again...Good to know Good people. Real Good.


Nancy said...

House looks good. Good with that old sunporch out of there and ready for a new one.

momofthecrazies said...

So exciting that it's well under way! I'm looking forward to having tea with you one day in your new sun porch!