April 30, 2009

Some Women get Flowers, I get Trees

Today was an amazing day. The morning chores and school were finished in a timely and happy manor, and then off we went down the road to Grandma's to steal composted poop and bushes.

It was satisfying and fun.

The girls learned first hand how to sever and transplant bushes. Beats a classroom or textbook any day. It also trumps the math lesson they did yesterday when Lara counted the ratio of empty to full beer bottles in the box. (sigh)

Anyway, after the baby went down for a nap and my Mom picked the girls up to take them to the local fair, My husband came back from chopping trees off the fence line with a present for me.

Some Wives get flowers....I get Trees. Beautiful flowering trees. Ones that I tried desperately to take out of the ground at the In-laws this morning but failed miserably.

See? Isn't she PURDY?? She is a crab apple tree, and now sits in the middle of my barren front lawn. If you look close...real close...in the top left of the picture where the chickens are....That is where I planted some ummm lilacs,spirea, berry bush of some sort, and an Orange Blossom. I figured lining our property with beautiful bushes would be nice.

And soooo nice 20 years from now when they are all grown up and giving character to this old house.

It REALLY does not take much to make me happy.


momofthecrazies said...

Now every time you look out your window and see the tree, you can think of your hubby!

Nancy said...

I love it!! Yes, she is very pretty!! Orange blossom (mock orange), spirea - hey - it's in the grand tradition of the McNish country estate lawn!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That will be awesome. I love living things as presents.