April 25, 2009

2 Things I Love

2 Things....

I LOVE the fact that my two daughters fought over who was going to refill my coffee...


The sun porch deconstruction/construction is moving along. Today Adam's uncle is coming to ensure the brick on the house is not going to fall down.

I had to laugh because we live in a 19th century red brick home, and his Uncle said he could not find replacement brick the right size.

BUT apparently my FIL just happens to have some brick in his yard somewhere...most likely from our house.

As much as I laugh that these people NEVER throw ANYTHING out, and KEEP the silliest of things. I now have brick for my house. Not to mention a metal street lamppost for a clothesline.

I LOVE how around here there is always somebody that my husband knows that can do something, or has something we need. It's not what you know...It's who you know for sure.

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Nancy said...

Hee hee - nice